Welcome to Esatto Solutions

Esatto solutions is a Brisbane based family business focused on bringing innovative, strong, efficient and beautiful solutions to Australians that otherwise would not be locally available.

Our Pinnacle Product

The pinnacle product line of Esatto Solutions is Gema® Commercial Vehicle Equipment. Manufactured in Italy and adopting countless innovative and patented features, the Gema range allows you to fit a vehicle or work area out with lightweight, strong and beautiful equipment. Gema equipment will save you time and improve safety while working on site. The Gema products include sliding door van bulkheads, aluminium drawers with self-closing locking bar, shelving with adjustable partitions, removable storage cases, plastic parts bins, drawer dividers, vice brackets, slide out modules, fold down assisted ladder loaders and much much more.

We Are On the Lookout

We are currently seeking industry based companies that are willing to be trained as Gema installers and re-sellers in each state of Australia and New Zealand. If this sounds like you, please fill out the distributor form and we will be in touch.



From thirty years of experience in the commercial vehicle furnishing sector and a continuous search for cutting-edge products to respond to the incessant evolution of the work system, we have the revolutionary GEMA® furnishing lines.


Esatto and its distributors will conduct a thorough analysis of your specific needs to ensure your vehicle is designed to provide the best weight, cost and operational benefits for you and your company.


The Gema design software allows us to build in 3D a model of your fit out with accurate dimensions and sitting inside your selected vehicle


Your goods will be produced and installed in the correct fashion for maximum safety and durability. The Gema system allows rapid installation times and deployment to get you on the road and working as quickly as possible.


Your vehicle on the road and ready for work!


Talk with us today about your requirements!